The monument is dedicated to the 1300 anniversary of the Bulgarian state and was built in 1981 in Sofia in the park of the National Palace of Culture. With the help of geometric abstractions it interprets well known traditional ideas and is based on the spiral as a symbol of eternity.

Since the 90s it has been abandoned and is slowly turning into a ruin. The souvenir combines the popular ancient play with the well known monumental symbol of Sofia, which is a favorite discussion topic and а symbol of the city under threat of disappearance.

Smart Fab Lab

Nona Tsekova, Radosveta Kirova, Delcho Delchev and Martin Angelov are the members of the first Bulgarian digital laboratory Smart Fab Lab. The multi faceted team of designers and architects works with focus on aesthetics, functions and social aspect of design by highlighting often neglected topics. They get inspired by solving problems that have an impact on people and their surroundings. According to them souvenirs form an important part of the tourism industry and of a city’s identity. The small format is a good opportunity for experiments.