With the seven wooden blocks for print everybody is able to make his own poster, customize a t-shirt or even pair of jeans and blankets. The block motives are inspired by traditional embroidery motifs from Sofia region, specifically from a Bulgarian garb belt.

The designer has isolated the motives from the archaic clothing and turned them into contemporary graphic patterns. The use of the blocks is very individual and depends on the owner’s feeling for rhythm and color. The result, of course, is unique every time.


After graduating in graphic design Gergana Stankova has worked for many years in the advertising sector. Four years ago she made a drastic turn in her carrier and started her own brand Shevitza with focus on pattern and textile design. In her opinion the topic of traditional Bulgarian embroidery is an inexhaustible resource of knowledge and inspiration and has a big potential for further development. She believes that Bulgarian motives deserve a world-wide acknowledgement and a distribution around the word similar to the case of prints from Africa, Asia and South America.