Neva Balnikova‘s key chain is inspired by the Renaissance houses in the old Plovdiv neighbourhood. At the same time it reminds us of the pin locator in the digital maps that shows one’s whereabouts.

The symbolic combination between the peculiar architectural profile of the house and its positioning reminds the owner of the souvenir to the once visited place and memories associated with it. “It is amazing how the houses are perched on these rocks on the hills, as if pinned there. From an abstract point of view, the souvenir can be visually and conceptually associated with а pickax”, Neva explains.

Neva Balnikova

The works of the jewellery designer Neva Balnikova are easily recognizable due to their unmistakable unorthodox combinations of materials, shapes and messages. As a self-taught talent in all her projects the designer remains faithful to her characteristic style – rough and raw at first glance, her creations combine precise and imaginative approaches to shapes, fabrics, selected elements and colors.

Таке а souvenir

Coffee&Gallery Cu29
24 Hristo Dukmendjiev Str.

Old Plovdiv Guest House
3 Chetvarti Yanuari Str.

Wunderbaer – Hills Beer Bar & Shop
2 Bethoven Str.

Tourist Information Center ‘’Roman stadium Square’’
1 Rayko Daskalov Str.

Tourist Center Old City ‘’Visit Plovdiv’’
1 Doctor Stoyan Chomakov Str.

38 Otets Paisiy Str.

12 Beethoven Str.

24 Ivan Denkoglu Str., Sofia